Fast Food Breakfast



An English muffin, two slices of bacon, one egg and a slice of cheese.
Ok, so first fry up some bacon. And yes, I use turkey bacon. Its not quite as bad for you as regular bacon and it doesn’t taste too shabby either! 🙂
Once the bacon is crisped to perfection, lay it on a paper towel so the grease can drain while you make the other stuff.
And just as a side note, you can microwave the bacon if you want to make this even easier. I do that when I am even more lazy than usual. But really, its just not as crispy and delish that way, so I generally try to use the frying pan.
Ok, now here is where you may laugh at me. I sometimes scramble and egg and then put it on the muffin, but I really like the whole fast food egg look. You know, the circle or square that the “egg” is shaped in? Well, I happen to have these cute little bowls and they are the PERFECT size!
So here is what I do. I take one egg and beat it with a fork into that square bowl. Then I microwave it (yes, I said microwave). I nuke it for 20 seconds at first, then stir. Then I nuke it for somewhere between 30 and 40 more seconds until it is done!
And when its done, it looks like this!
Now take your English muffin (toasted or non. I generally don’t toast mine because I don’t feel like bringing out the toaster, but its your call.) and split it in half.
Slap on the egg, slice of cheese, and a few slices of bacon.
Close it up and wala! You have yourself a yummy bacon, egg and cheese sandwich!

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